Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blog Recommendation: "Seen and Said" by Catherine

Check out Catherine's blog post about me and our childhood growing up together!  :)  It's funny and sweet, and has fantastic pictures!

Catherine's Blog Post at "Seen and Said"

While you're there, you should check out the rest of her posts.  She's very funny and draws fabulous pictures!  :)


Catherine said...

Thanks so much for the recommendation! =) Also, I demand a REAL post soon!!!!


The Tall One said...

I clicked on the link from Catherine and OHMYGOD I was missing out by not reading your stuff.

Thanks for making me want to procrastinate on homework even more :)

Ashley said...

@ Catherine - You're welcome! And soon, soon. lol. :)

@ The Tall One - Oh, wow, thank you! ^_^ I like your enthusiasm.

You're welcome. ;) This blog is going to be a big reason for me to procrastinate on mine. I'm going to have to be careful. lol.

Amelia Rice said...

I did check it out! Sounds like you two were super BFFS!