About Me

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of web space (To infinity, and beyond!).

My name is Ashley and I'm 23-years old.  I love to draw, write, sing, and try to dabble in just about every art form I come across.  I've been continuously writing since I was in middle school, leaning more towards songs, poems, and fiction than blogging, but when I hit college, public blogging really appealed to me, so I threw myself right into it.  I've had blogs on Xanga, Livejournal, and a few other places, but I like having my own space here at Blogger.

My lovelies...

1) Remy / Cat / part White Siamese / 1-year old
2) Tiger / Cat / brown tabby / 15-years old
3) Lady / Dog / Cocker Spaniel / 8-years old (about)

Some of my inspirations...

1) Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half
2) Catherine, Seen and Said
3) Christine, The New Adventures of Christine