Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Computer Trouble

Hello, everyone!  I hope the new year is tolling well for you.  :)

Sorry that I haven't updated in so long, but the drawings for posts are taking longer than expected, so I may be changing my style more than the usual I-just-started-my-blog-and-haven't-found-my-style-yet.

My computer has decided to abandon ship on me.  Possibly just the cord (oh God, I hope so), but maybe the battery or something else.  *insert despondent weeping here*  I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it up long enough to get one of the posts I was working on, but, if not, then I'll have to start over for now.

Nonetheless, I'll get a real blog post up some time this week.  Scout's honor.

'Til the next post, have a good week!


Catherine said...

Patiently awaiting your next post. =)

Ashley said...

Thanks. :) I probably won't be online to chat either, much to my sadness, unless we schedule for Facebook chat on a borrowed PC. Woe is me in such dark and dreary times.

Syida said...

love your blog.
so sweet...
check me if u online.
have a good day